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Are You Interested In Joining Us?

We are NOT a regular company. We are future-oriented in everything we do — that means we are not only crafting the Future of Education, we are also adopting the Future of Work Principles in how we operate.

There are 7 Principles that define who we are and what it means for you joining our company:

7 Guiding Principles To Join Ultimate Academy

1. We are not an "Australian" or "American" company, but a Planet's company

Although our founders are based in Australia and America, we work globally. We believe the Future of Work is remote, work-from-anywhere style, and we are pioneering that by building a decentralised company from the start. Whether you are based in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, or Americas, Ultimate Academy is the place for you.

We are 100% remote work, because we love the freedom. Instead of going back to the old ways of working, we will continuously create new ways of making remote work more fun — and that includes yearly retreats in different countries. We are adopting Future of Work right to our core.

2. We are not a "Test Prep" company, but a Future of Education company

We have chosen to build world-class online Test Prep learning experience just to begin with. This is the start, not the end. As we progress, we are going to be expanding into all areas of education that will help people transform their lives; two of these areas are digital skills courses and personal development skills courses.

If you choose to work with us, you are going to be part of shaping how humans learn in the future.

3. We innovate extremely, extremely fast!

At Ultimate Academy, we are always thinking of how to make education smarter, more fun, more effective, and more affordable. For that, we are always staying a step-ahead of the world.

This means using more AI and Machine Learning in our processes, employing more personalised learning technology in how we educate, and always thinking how to make Ultimate Academy best place to work at on the Planet.

4. We invest in you to make you the best versions of yourself

The founders of Ultimate Academy are obsessed with personal development — they believe that the most fun way of living is to keep improving in everything from fitness, health, relationships, skills, to earnings.

Your typical 2-hour meeting with founders will have discussions on topics that go way, way beyond just what you do professionally at the Ultimate Academy. We are invested in the whole of you — always working with you to make you the best versions of yourself.

5. We believe "Joy" comes first, everything else from productivity to success follows joy

We take maximising fun extremely seriously. We have seen that when we are happy and our team members are happy, productivity is a no-brainer. Everything in our professional and personal lives is a function of how much happiness we are experiencing in life. So your happiness comes first for us.

It doesn’t mean that work days won’t be intense. It means that work won’t even feel like work, it will feel like play.

To start with, we only work with people who are truly passionate about working in areas they find extremely joyful. And then, from there, we ensure that we make work and discussions so much fun that our team members just can’t believe that such companies do exist on the Planet.

6. We think BIG and we only work with great people

We are not satisfied with just creating educational content, we aim to create a global revolution in learning. We aim to be as influential in improving people’s lives as the tech giants of today are. Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy. We love big, scary, audacious goals!

We work with people who think differently and creatively, people who are not afraid of setting bold goals for themselves, and people who take failures as learning opportunities.

7. We believe in freedom and accountability

We understand that brilliant people hate rules and shackles and desire the freedom to do their work in their way. This means we will trust you in how you choose to do your work, but we expect you to go above and beyond at your job.

Making a dent in the universe isn’t easy, but it’s a whole lot more fun than living a comfortable, regular life. We are determined to disrupting traditional education industry and we love pushing ourselves past limits to do exactly that. If you are one of those people who find such a way of living exciting, Ultimate Academy is the place for you.

If our Principles resonate with you, you are in for a ride of a lifetime

How To Apply

There is a 2-step Process to get hired:

Step 1: Video Clip

Send us a 3-5 min video clip of yours telling us who you are, what your skills are, and why do you think you are a good fit for Ultimate Academy

We don’t take in CVs, but if you have a Linkedin or any social media profile, then you may want to send it with the video clip

We are looking for passion, enthusiasm, confidence, and skillset. This 3-5 min video clip is your opportunity to stand out.

Step 2: Zoom Interview

If you are shortlisted, you will have an interview with the cofounders.

We will keep it fun and light, but we will also be assessing rigorously whether you are a good fit for Ultimate Academy.

If required, you will also get an assignment to work on after the interview.

Send your video clip to team@ultimate.academy

You can either directly attach with the email, or upload to Google Drive / Dropbox, and send the link in the email

We can’t wait to hear from you