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Accelerated, smart, and best-in-class PTE program that has helped 1200+ students get 79+... even perfect 90 scores!

Hi, I'm Waqas Hassan

"I used to be the guy who couldn’t even give a decent presentation in front of the class without shivering with nervousness."

I know a thing or ten about learning English and overcoming a lack of confidence, especially when coming from a non-native English-speaking background 🤓 

And I know even more about deconstructing PTE, scoring 90/90 in first attempt, and helping you crack PTE the smart way.

Got 90/90 Score

in first attempt

Coached 1200+ students

from 15 countries


Ultimate Guide to Acing PTE

This is the only online video course that deconstructs the entire PTE exam and teaches you in a smart way.

How much relief it is for you that someone is finally telling you that practicing more is not the solution?

Finally, you can only study what’s relevant, learn smart techniques, score high, and within this year board the flight to Australia as a Permanent Resident.

How is this PTE program different from others on the Internet?​​

All the material on the PTE you find elsewhere is made to teach you English language basics — they focus on grammar and vocabulary.

No one takes the pain to deconstruct the entire PTE from scratch and reassemble it to make it learnable in a smart way.

I know this because I consumed everything on the internet when I was preparing for my PTE. I downloaded the same books, watched the same YouTube videos that you would if you google or ask people on Facebook groups. I felt like killing myself trying to sit through the agony of consuming them.

It was only after 3-months of studying PTE and going through dozens of practice tests that I started seeing the patterns in PTE. I started developing smart techniques to solve questions.

I used these techniques to score perfect 90 in my first attempt in PTE.

And when I started sharing it with my pilot students, within weeks their scores went from mid-50s and 60s to high-80s.

By the time my Ultimate Guide To Acing PTE is reaching you, it is polished, refined, used by 1200+ students, and made to teach you PTE in a way that you will score high in just ONE attempt.

You will never again waste money and years trying to study PTE again and again and giving re-takes.

Designed To Get You 79+ Score In Just 30 Days

Your PTE Learning Journey

You’ll learn the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics, and examples of how to solve every section to score 79+ in each of the 4 components of PTE.

You'll have LIFETIME access to the program.

Module 1: Speaking

You will learn exact strategies to effortlessly solve each of the 5 tasks in the speaking section as a non-native English speaker. You will also get a ton of questions with their model answers and see my live-demos to prepare beforehand.
17 Video Lessons

Module 2: Writing

You will develop the skill of effortlessly tackling each line of essay and summarising written text tasks. You will get real questions with answers to prepare using the hacks and strategies explained and, also see live-demos of how I tackle writing tasks by dividing them into small easy-to-handle chunks.
12 Video Lessons

Module 3: Reading

You will learn insane techniques that will double your reading speed and help you understand passages even when you are not an avid reader. You'll see me solve each task in real-time explaining to you my thought process and strategies for each of the 5 tasks in the reading section.
17 Video Lessons

Module 4: Listening

You will learn the art of Smart Note-Taking that will increase your listening score by 10 almost overnight. You will also learn how to avoid traps, smart strategies to solve each task, and see me do dozens of listening questions with an insight into my mind. You will also get 100+ tasks with audio recordings and answers for practice.
20 Video Lessons

Bonus: Real PTE Question Bank with Answers

You'll get hundreds of real PTE test questions with answers. Since PTE tends to repeat questions, if you practice with these, you'll find that you already know most answers on the test date. It will be a piece of cake for you to solve those to get 79+ score in all 4 sections 🙂
500+ Real Questions & Answers

Loved by 1200+ students

The magic is in the reviews. What my students have to say.

Is Ultimate Guide To Acing PTE right for you?​​

I have not developed this course for everyone.

If you have:

  • Never written 1 paragraph email / message to your friend in English before; or
  • Scored less than 50 in your PTE (if you have taken the test before); or
  • Looking for a magic bullet to score high without putting in the effort.

Then I’m telling you upfront not to buy it.

But if on the other hand, you’re decent in English and willing to follow the lesson plan and implement what you’re learning in it, then this PTE program is going to change your life.

This is for YOU 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, this program covers PTE Academic that is required for university admissions and PR applications to Australia. I cover all the basics of PTE and I will teach you everything about solving each of the 4 sections of PTE in a smart way. Each section is followed by exercises from the real tests.

This is a FULL course. You don’t need any books, any tuitions, or any supplementary material with it.


First, these are not the regular lessons that you get in any mom-and-pop tuition center or YouTube videos.

These video lessons are full of hacks, techniques, and smarter way of solving the PTE exam. I’ve deconstructed entire PTE exam and reassembled it to make it easily learnable for you.

Second, you will be given several exercises inside the course.

For most students, it takes about 4 weeks to learn from the video lessons and complete the exercises.


Once you purchase it, you will immediately receive an exclusive link to create your username and password on Ultimate Academy. You can use that to log into the PTE course page any time you want to.

Oh, and did I mention, it’s lifetime access!

Moreover, all the videos are released at once. You can choose any section to start with and spend as much time as you want in each section.

If your PTE is in 2 weeks, you can still do it. If it’s in 3 months, that’s also fine.


I started Ultimate Academy for exactly this reason. To get rid of the scammers. I am the only person in Australia, creating content for the Asian community, whose entire profile is transparent and available on the internet.

On my Instagram, I share my real-time experiences, stories, and processes. You can connect with me there as well 🙂

There are no hidden walls, no invisible curtains. I’m always approachable to my students. If you have been on my mailing list, you will not even ask this question!


I’m confident if you practice everything you will get 79+ in all 4 sections because it’s a no-BS course.

I’m going one step ahead though.

If you get less than 65 Band even after putting in the work, email me. You will get a 100% refund. No questions asked.

That’s my way of thanking you that you trusted me.

At the core of it all, Ultimate Academy is all about adding value to my audience and solving their burning problems. If it fails to deliver, it shouldn’t cost you anything.

All I want at the end of the day is for you to achieve your target score whether that’s 65+ or 79+.

100% Money Back Promise

I want the investment in this program to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, if you complete the entire program and still don’t find it useful, drop me an email and I’ll happily refund your full payment within 60 days of your enrollment 😊

Please note that the money-back guarantee only applies if you actually do the work and complete the assignments. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get any value from the course, and you’ll have taken a place away from someone else.

By the way, this money-back promise is extended for a full 60 days – no one on the internet does it. That MUCH I stand behind my material.

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