Ultimate Speaking Mastery

10X Your Speaking Skills & Build Bulletproof Social Confidence in 4 Weeks

Hi, I'm Waqas Hassan

"I used to be the guy who couldn’t even give a decent presentation in front of the class without shivering with nervousness."

I know a thing or two about overcoming a lack of confidence, fear of public speaking, and energy-draining social anxiety 🤓 

I know a lot more about building bulletproof social confidence, charming audiences across 3 continents, and simplifying the art of Speaking.

25K+ students

across 5 online programs

300+ Live Trainings

across 29 countries

Level Up Your Speaking Skills To Become A New YOU

Bulletproof Public Speaking

You'll learn to speak in such a way that you come across as the most charismatic person in every room you are in

No More Mind-Blanking

You'll learn techniques to avoid mind-blanking whenever giving a presentation or sitting at a job interview

10X Income Levels

You'll learn the art of using speaking skills to develop multiple sources of income and get opportunities around the globe

Camera Speaking Confidence

You'll develop the confidence to speak in videos to attract thousands of followers and become a social media influencer

Art of Influencing People

You'll learn how to influence everyone you meet at work, school, dates, or networking events (don’t misuse it!)

Self-Paced & Discreet

You'll learn and practice with this program on your own from your home at your own pace

Designed To Make Your Speaking Skills & Social Confidence Bulletproof In Just 4 Weeks

Your 4-Week Learning Journey​

You'll access the program in 4 weekly lessons through your account at Ultimate Academy.

Lessons are not live so you can consume them at your own pace from the comfort of your own space.

You'll have LIFETIME access to the material.

Week 1

How Speaking Skills Help You 10X Your Life & Income

Week 2

3 Mindsets To Build Bulletproof Speaking Confidence

Week 3

6 Ultimate Strategies To Power Up Your Speaking Mastery

Week 4

Mastering The Dark Art of Influencing Anyone Into Anything

Loved by 2000+ students

The magic is in the reviews. What my students have to say.

Unconventional, detailed, and practical insights into the Art of speaking. The content was superb and unmatched, something that realistically speaking no other person could have explained as seamlessly as Waqas!
Razy S.
Business Owner, Singapore
This is my first training regarding speaking skills and it completely changed my perception. Everything that I learned in this program was new to me! It was simply awesome! You might not believe it but the sessions are still active in my head & when I start any conversation your strategies pop into my head.
Artena N.
Policy Maker, Vietnam
It was unlike any other program or training I have ever taken. The skills and knowledge you will gain by attending this program are a great bang for your bucks!
Shivansh B.
Influencer, Australia
Waqas' Speaking Mastery was definitely a must-attend! Not even for a single minute I got distracted and obviously, the content was worth waaayyyy more than the investment! Truly worth it!
Afreen M.
Internet Entrepreneur, Pakistan
I am grateful to you for the amazing program! I always look up to you as an inspiration. The content is very practical and not what we find in books. I will watch the lessons again to get more value out of it!
Dolly T.
Working Professional, India
I wish I could tell you how much I have learnt from this. This program is something that we young generation needs as much as we need graduation. Thank you so much for being here and guiding us in this fast-changing world.
Mahendra O.
Student, India
This was super influential! Your strategies and your words really get into my head which is very uncommon for me. I owe you a big fat thank you!
Fariha F.
Artist, Pakistan
In simple words, it was AWESOME! I've constantly been looking up stuff related to Speaking better, and I have NEVER seen anything like this. After completing it and making more notes than I've ever made for any training, I assure you I would pay for this even if it were 5 times the price!
Su Yi Myo
Doctor, Myanmar
100% Money Back Promise

I want the investment in this program to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, if you complete the entire program and still don’t find it useful, drop me an email and I’ll happily refund your full payment within 30 days of your enrollment 😊


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